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“Read this in bed when you’re snowed in.”

Amanda Earl has picked Fear of Fighting as one of her fave books of 2010:
This book was given to me by a dear friend and I must admit I read the whole thing in one day, lazing about in bed and munching on salted tops. It’s that kind of a book, you see. And this […]

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Be Good, a novel
Quill and Quire: “…the novel offers a thoughtful examination of sexuality, relationships, and what it means to tell the truth.”
This Magazine: “…probably the most finely realized small press novel to come out of Canada in the last year…Thank you, Stacey May Fowles.”

Fear of Fighting, a novel with illustrations by Marlena Zuber
Eye Weekly: […]

Chef Lonelyheart’s Soup for One

Suzanna Alyssa Andrew reviews Fear of Fighting:
It’s easy to feel invisible in Toronto, especially when your boyfriend leaves, your co-workers forget your name and your cat runs away. That’s why Marnie, the fading anti-heroine of Fear of Fighting decides to wallow in her studio apartment and count the days until she disappears completely.
Written by Stacey […]

The Keepin’ It Real Book Club reviews Fear of Fighting

“It’s pretty much part of Dating 101 that you keep your crazy under wraps for as long as possible. It’s best to wait until there’s an L-bomb or a ring involved, when it becomes harder for the other person to make a clean getaway. (I always think of Carla’s advice on Scrubs: “He doesn’t know […]

Book Madam Book Club: Fear of Fighting (w/ Julie Wilson and Nic Boshart)

From Book Madam and Associates:

“There are three ways to live life — run away from the bulls, run with the bulls, or be the thing the bulls are running from. So, look out, bulls! You’ve got Stacey, Nic, and Julie on yer tail! While the first “official” Book Madam Book Club will meet Wednesday, May […]

Which book should be crowned winner of 2010 Canada Also Reads?

You can vote for your Canada Also Reads pick here. Here’s to hoping your Canada Also Reads pick is Fear of Fighting!
Let Zoe Whittall tell you why she thinks Fear of Fighting deserves a read:
I’ve read enough cranky blog posts and one-note articles about why the gatekeepers of CanLit loathe the real time and/or urban […]

Canada Also Reads Rules for Writing Fiction

As part of Canada Also Reads, I was asked to contribute some rules for writing fiction. You can check them out here. And you can see a bonus rule I didn’t include here.
The Canada Also Reads essays will be posted starting Monday, March 1 on the National Post Afterword Blog, including one from Fear of […]

Fear of Fighting: Download the Free Ebook Today

Grab yourself a free ebook copy of Fear of Fighting here. Buy an old school print copy here.
Photo courtesy of the fabulous Dani Couture of Animal Effigy (and a lot of other) fame.