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Canadian Digital Publishing Awards

I’ve been nominated for two Canadian Digital Publishing Awards in the category of Best Blog or Online Column. The first is for my writing at The Walrus, the second for my baseball blogging over at Torontoist.You can read more about the awards here.

The Truth is Back There

For The Walrus: Is the new series of The X-Files good enough for Gillian Anderson?

Foul Territory

Those who love baseball often hold it up as the intelligent fan’s sport. We believe it to be wholesome, wise, and poetic, somehow above the violent, abhorrent behaviour of other professional athletic pursuits. The reality is that MLB’s record on domestic violence is actually worse than the NFL’s. Baseball’s romantic mythology conveniently conceals a long […]

Blood Ties: The Girl Who Was Saturday Night by Heather O’Neill and All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews

For Noushcka, the ambitious, downtrodden heroine of The Girl Who Was Saturday Night, the idea of love has always been suspect. When her sweet yet disturbed boyfriend, Raphaël, proposes with a mood ring pulled from a cardboard box, she reflects, “Sometimes I was so afraid of love. It gave you the feeling you had when […]

Boy Next Door: Growing up in the shadow of Paul Bernardo

Over at The Walrus, a memoir on growing up in the time of The Scarborough Rapist.

“Every child in my neighbourhood knows about rape, because it is everywhere and has been for years. It lurks at bus stops and calls from headlines, whispers its way into half-understood playground conversations, screams from the six […]

Watching Like a Girl

“If the Blue Jays organization is in any way invested in cultivating and profiting from a new female audience, it would be wise to manage how women are marketed to, and to consider its part in the way we are treated by mainstream sports media. I mean, why would you ever want to support, with […]

The Walrus Reads: Review of Sweet Jesus

In the December issue of The Walrus, a review of Christine Poutney’s Sweet Jesus

“A man in a clown suit delivers a pizza to his dying, Vogue-reading boyfriend. He places the pizza on the bed and retreats to the bathroom to remove his wig, and upon examining his dandruff thinks, “Even in the […]

From The Walrus

A Girl’s Life: Marjorie Celona’s coming of age novel, Y, tells a familiar story of female suffering
“While the male Bildungsroman , such as Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Catcher in the Rye, or The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, tends to involve the acquisition of power, the experience of adventure, or the act of […]

Recent Things

“Leanne Shapton asks the question so many of us are embarrassed to articulate — what is the implication of coming very close to greatness, of very nearly grasping it, yet falling short?” A review of Swimming Studies in The National Post.
“We have been fooling ourselves that narrative and plot, and the gleeful […]

In Defence of the Confession

The Walrus: How the literary establishment mistreats young, shameless writers like Marie Calloway
“Unregulated honesty is painted as juvenile tendency, as if with age comes the gift of selective concealment — to succeed in any serious literary endeavour, one must develop a cold distance even from the most intimate events of our lives. This necessity […]