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The Opposite of Loneliness, by Marina Keegan

It’s difficult to process the feeling that comes from reading a book by an author you know will never pen another word. It’s even more difficult when the book is a young author’s first, filled with optimism and promise — when the book literally says, “We’re so young. We’re so young. […]

The National Post: Dear Author

“What I didn’t acknowledge is that the act of writing about trauma, about our secrets, about our shame, may indeed be brave, but it is important to give ourselves permission to be weak. In a new age of constant online vitriol, we are instructed to steel ourselves against the world, to be […]

They Arrived in the Fall

The National Post asked a group of Canadian writers, who all have new books out later this year, to team up on a short story. All they provided was an opening sentence: “They arrived in the fall …”

The Literary Life of RA Dickey

Illustration by Chloe Cushman

The Literary Life of RA Dickey
“I’ll never forget my first public book signing,” he says. “I’ll bet no less than 15 or 20 people in that line leaned across the table, people I’d never even seen before that day, to tell me they were abused at some point in their past, and […]

The Feminine Mystique at 50

In the National Post:
…People asked me why I hadn’t taken my husband’s name. When we met with a mortgage broker he wouldn’t look me in the eye or address me directly. Mail came to the house addressed to “Mrs. His First Name His Last Name” and “The His Last Name Household.” […]

On not putting yourself out there

As writers feel more and more pressure to be 24/7, real-time public figures, we need to consider those who are disclosure-averse, who prefer to hide away and let their work stand as they have constructed it. We commonly celebrate living openly as a courageous act, being “thick-skinned” as a virtue, yet […]

Dick Wolf: The Entertainer (Illustration by Andrew Barr)
Over the years, the show’s plot twists have become increasingly complex and absurd, with rappers eaten by hyenas and serial impregnators blown up with pressurized diving knives. If a crime happened in the headlines it’s pretty much guaranteed to pop up on the show — […]

From The National Post

What can’t be published: A month-long effort to document a sexual assault led to a detailed, engaging piece too difficult to read
“Writing is risk, yet for me, personal protection is always superseded by the purpose of the craft; it is an act of figuring out a feeling, a way of lending structure to an […]

Recent Things

“Leanne Shapton asks the question so many of us are embarrassed to articulate — what is the implication of coming very close to greatness, of very nearly grasping it, yet falling short?” A review of Swimming Studies in The National Post.
“We have been fooling ourselves that narrative and plot, and the gleeful […]

Tamara Faith Berger: Open, honest, queasy sex

“A major part of the appeal of Berger’s work for women is that the sex (and there is indeed a lot of it, on almost every page) is stripped so bare, flying in the face of so called ‘mommy porn’ and soft-core glossed erotica-lite like Fifty Shades of Grey. Gone are the layers of polish, […]