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Advance Praise for Be Good

“Welcome to the post-art school devotion to devotion, where lovers and losers, rivals and bruisers exchange lines from each other’s overwrought interiors until something collapses, or is the wine losing its charm?”
-Mattilda, aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore, author of Pulling Taffy and editor of Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity

“Stacey May Fowles’ first novel is a startling and beautiful examination of love sickness in its many forms. It’s a novel of true love and dirty secrets, high comedy and heartbreak, and Fowles pulls no punches and misses no marks. Bright, smart, and sexy, Be Good announces the arrival of a wonderful new voice in Canadian fiction.”
Michael Redhill, Man Booker Prize nominated author of Consolation

Be Good whispers clumsy drunken memories and desperate revisionist accounts into the ears of readers, capturing perfectly the quarter-life crisis in all its sexy, sleazy, blissful agony.”
Zoe Whitall, author of Bottle Rocket Hearts

“In turns, humourous and hard-wired, tawdry and tender, Stacey May Fowles’ Be Good is essential reading for women in their 20s. For anyone beyond, this novel rebuilds the importance of those years, illuminating the darkest parts, and startling in its ability to remind you where you’ve been. Fowles knows how to make sentences shake their booty in the best of vintage dresses. Her writing sings love songs for best friends who have gone to the brink.”
-Emily Schultz, author of Black Coffee Night and Joyland