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Recent Reviews: Davidar’s Ithaca and Amy McKay’s The Virgin Cure

“Even those among us enamoured with the romance of printed word will find Ithaca a shameless glorification of gatekeepers and star-makers, packed with diatribes on how the book will conquer all despite a digital and corporate tide that consistently threatens it.” Read the full review at The Afterword.

thevirgincure.jpg“Ami McKay’s second novel, The Virgin Cure, is a finely crafted and remarkably researched tale of twelve-year-old Moth, a girl born into poverty in nineteenth-century New York, deserted by her father and sold into domestic work by her mother. Moth comes to understand that beauty is her commodity, and she finds eventual escape in a brothel that delivers virginity to well-paying men.” Read the full review at The Walrus.