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Tamara Faith Berger: Open, honest, queasy sex


“A major part of the appeal of Berger’s work for women is that the sex (and there is indeed a lot of it, on almost every page) is stripped so bare, flying in the face of so called ‘mommy porn’ and soft-core glossed erotica-lite like Fifty Shades of Grey. Gone are the layers of polish, the soft-lens Photoshopped depictions of women’s bodies so culturally commonplace on magazine racks, and in mainstream film and television. Berger doesn’t coyly write around the mechanics or vaguely suggest the actions in horrifyingly palatable euphemism. Instead she gives us a straightforward animal ugliness, the literal ins and outs, all impossible to look away from and freeing readers from the false idea of how sex ’should’ look. For those of us who carry shame, it can be extremely liberating.” Read the entire profile here.
(Photo by Tyler Anderson)